New York – Brewers Build Business Together

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Buffalo –

The revitalization of Buffalo continues to build up speed. The latest development in the downtown area is happening on Chandler Street where a group of breweries are working together to build their brands. At least five brewers are planning on rehabbing the Keystone Manufacturing industrial building at 41 Chandler in order to create a space where they can all grow.

By combining resources to create a large production space, smaller breweries can scale up production while minimizing risk. The planned project includes 6,000 square foot “maker space” for craft and artisanal businesses to expand as well. The Keystone Manufacturing building has been vacant for years and this project will create hundreds of jobs and bring new residents to the area.

Some of the participants include the Ironbelt Brewing Co. and Three Sons, an award winning brewery founded in Florida by Buffalo resident Joe Artanis. “Buffalo has a lot of great beer and breweries. We’re just excited to become part of that,”¬†Artanis said to the Buffalo News. “We’ll be just another cog on the wheel to make Buffalo a strong destination for beer.”

The project is awaiting Zoning Board approval to add parking and an outdoor seating area. The 11,000 square foot building will house brewing operations, offices, a tasting room and laboratory space to develop new products. According to Joe Artanis, building in his hometown of Buffalo was a natural choice. “You’re going to have a collective of pantheon brewers,” said Artanis to the Buffalo News. “The purpose of them being here is so they can expand on their brand and increase capacity into the Northeastern markets.”

More details about exactly which local breweries will be able to participate in this exciting new project will be forthcoming in three to six months.