About Us

“Be the change you want to see happen.” – Arleen Lorrance

Why not try to bring more good into the world? Why not try to look at the world through a positive lens? Why does every newscast have to start with murders or death?

This will not be a space that celebrates what divides us, or looks at any story with a cynical eye. Yes, there are problems in the world and bad news abounds, but our core belief is that there is vastly more good in the world than bad.

We all know that social media is doing terrible things to us. These algorithms are designed to inflame our differences and make us angry at each other all the time. But there is one thing we must remember – we have the power to change the conversation. We wish to build a community that celebrates the positive, highlights how people can come together to solve big problems, and show the corporate media giants that a news organization can exist on a different model.

This is perhaps the biggest challenge that any of us have faced. We are trying to prove that a community CAN support local reporting that focuses on good things. If you would like to support us (or write for us) please feel free to comment or reach out. We don’t have a Patreon or donations page (yet) so we would just like to say thank you for stopping by and caring enough about the world around you to start your day with something positive.

Thanks for just being you.

Dan W – Editor in Chief