Minnesota – Helpful Humans

Plymouth –

This past Saturday evening, two residents of Minnesota made the choice to help someone in need. As David Johnson and Maria Berg were headed home to Cokato from Maple Grove, they witnessed a severe car accident. Many drivers would simply make room and go about their business, but not Maria Berg.

Two decades of police and EMT training kicked into gear, and she immediately knew what to do. “I’m just like, ‘Tell me where, can you feel your legs, can you feel your hands, keep looking at my face, do not turn your head,'” Berg said to KARE 11 News. She and Mr. Johnson took off their coats in the sub-freezing Minnesota night and tried to keep the crash victim warm until paramedics arrived.

“My biggest concern was, I didn’t want them to move him before paramedics got there because I’ve had bad experiences where that’s usually — it can be the only thing keeping him alive at that point,” Berg explained. Though she recognizes that stopping and blocking traffic was perhaps not the safest route to take, that was not part of the equation for this Helpful Human.

“I didn’t care about anything,” Johnson said. “What I wanted to do was make sure that kid didn’t die.”